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Ever wondered if you could make your website more successful? Well that’s where web analytics comes in!

Web analytics is the business of measuring and understanding how people use a website, allowing you to then make the website more user friendly. The easier it is for users to do what they intend to on your site, the more successful your website will be!

For us, it is important to start by making sure you are tracking the important activity on your website, as this means you can focus on achieving the goals for the site without worrying about their accuracy. Then we move on to automating reporting and building dashboards, which helps you spend less time fetching data and more time acting on it. Finally, we are there to help improve measurement, optimisation and ongoing analysis to continue getting value from your analytics and ensure your business moves forwards in the way you want it to.

We’ve helped a huge variety of websites improve their results, from small business sites with a handful of pages and visitors to global ecommerce sites with thousands of visitors every day. Whether you need a full analytics upgrade, custom tracking implementation or large-scale training, Polka Dot Data has the skills to meet your requirements.

Whatever your needs and existing knowledge, we’ll help you gain insight from your data in order to drive decisions that will affect results for your business.

Polka Dot Data was set up by Anna Lewis in 2016 and now consists of a small team based just outside Winchester in Hampshire. Anna has been spreading the word about utilising analytics for many years and has spoken at numerous industry events including BrightonSEO, SMX, MeasureFest, MeasureCamp as well as writing many blog posts to help everyday users of Google Analytics take their knowledge and success to the next level. Blog posts can mostly be found on Koozai, Econsultancy and Search Engine Land.