What’s it take to get a good analytics set-up? Installing analytics correctly on your site, knowledge of how to properly navigate the analytics platform and ongoing measurement of the changes you make are all required elements if you want truly robust reporting.

Polka Dot Data is experienced in all of these factors and more. We’ve outlined some of the things we can do for your business below, but if you have any other requirements just get in touch and we’ll see how we can help.

We’re experts, evangelists and enthusiasts about everything Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio. Our familiarity with these allows us to take on new platforms with minimal fuss. We’re also familiar with common integrations and other sources of business data, so can often offer support on those too

Check out the pages if you want to do some back ground reading, otherwise just book in a call with us and we can talk you through the process and find the best package for your analytics needs! Book in a FREE consultation here.

And a bit more about how we work with new clients:

The process we find works best for most clients is to have a kick off phone call or meeting where we can discuss your key KPI’s and goals. From here we can perform a full Audit of your Google Analytics and Tag Manager account to see what improvements can be made for better quality data. Once we have audited your GA account and know your key KPI’s and Goals we can start implementing recommendations from our audit and ensuring that your account is set up to track your KPI’s effectively.

Often during this process we will identity new functionality that your website could use to help with conversion rates, site speed, data collection etc. These can be:

  • Enhanced Ecommerce – the new and amazingly improved version of GA Ecommerce tracking which is so beneficial but still very under-utilised – if you have an Ecommerce site and aren’t using this today, get in touch now!
  • Custom Dimensions – putting any business relevant information into a new dimension in GA for you to report on, for example, User Type
  • Content Groupings – helping you review data for areas of the site at a time, providing more insights than aggregated data
  • Tag Optimisations – to reduce unnecessary tags and optimise performance of those required
  • Event Tracking – for interactions such as videos and engagement on key areas of your site

Once we have helped you build new and improved tracking and KPI measurements we can put all of this together and build an easy to use dashboard to help you access all of the great data really easily. This saves you and your colleagues time with reporting every week and allows people across the business to get a view of the KPIs relevant to them in a snapshot view. We generally use DataStudio for this, but are capable of using a number of platforms.