What does it take to get reliable trustworthy data and use it to monitor performance and make profit driving business decisions?

Our services from start to finish can get you to that much sought-after Analytics Utopia –

You can pick just one service or be with us from audit through to utopia, depending on what suits your business best. So below there is a breakdown of each of the ways in which we can support you. If you’re not sure what you need or think it is a bit more custom, just get in touch and we will have a chat to work out what is best for you.


google analytics logoGoogle Analytics Audit

Over 50 points checked against best practices and basic accuracy requirements, presented in an easy to use checklist showing which changes we will do for you and which you can do. This audit allows you to fully understand the accuracy of your data and know which decisions it will be trustworthy for right now plus what you need to do if any tracking changes are needed to fix additional accuracy issues and reach



Google Tag Manager Auditgoogle tag manager logo

In ours, and the industry’s, eyes, this is by far the best way to implement Google Analytics, as it allows you to add numerous other 3rd party tracking tags through one method and publish changes within minutes. This agile and highly custom platform has a lot of power and functionality, but with this, comes great responsibility so it is very important it is handled with care and expertise.


Migration to Google Tag Manager

Want a shiny GA data and a beeeeautiful GTM set up? Let us understand your objectives, map out the data points and then build it all for you. Launching smoothly to migrate from on page or plugin based GA code to a GTM container full of wonderful tags that send accurate data to all the right places with detailed information to help you get the most from your data.


Enhanced Ecommerce Implementation

If you have an ecommerce website and you’re missing Enhanced Ecommerce functionality in Google Analytics, a small bit of my soul just died.

I mean, do you not want to make more profit and have more detailed insights about where you lose your customers in the journey? Why would you carry on for a moment longer without detailed product and category performance data?

Please just speak to us, it is beyond beneficial to have as much data here as possible!

If you have no idea what Enhanced Ecommerce is – head to the Conversions > Ecommerce area, look for a “Shopping Behaviour” report and see if this has a nicely structured bar chart showing all the key points with data that fits your expectations of reality / internal data. This is just the start of EE, but one of the key areas to get right.


Data StudioData Studio example report

So now you have trustworthy data, let’s speed up your regular reporting whilst also making your data look even prettier! Data Studio is a free data visualisation / dashboard tool from Google which hooks up with all native Google products and has third party integrations for many other platforms such as Facebook ads.

Here you can compile multiple data sources using many different visualisations, highlighting top KPIs in scorecard numbers, showing trends on line graphs, comparing monthly key metrics in bar charts and detailing top product performance in a table with standout numbers highlighted. The combinations are endless and it is a fantastic way to take your reporting to the next level and automate part of your life.


Monthly Analysis and Tagging Support

When you don’t have the time to become an analytics expert or the budget for anew hire internally, we can fill that gap and keep your data in tip top shape whilst you can crack on with your marketing activities or website improvements knowing the data you’re working with is accurate. We can provide technical support, insights and awareness on key data changes, implement new tags for new engagement or platform tracking and more.

Our monthly support packages are very tailored to your business requirements, for some clients we take a very directed approach where they let us know each month what they would like done. For others we get set loose on the data and help them understand what is working and what isn’t. Others use us for a combination of these, and some purely to GTM technical support.

We make your analytics work for you, just in the way we work with you.


Anna Lewis teaching Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics and Google Tag Manager Training

We love to empower our clients with the ability to manage, implement, understand, utilise and basically go above and beyond with their analytics! To do this we offer customised training to suit your company’s requirements. From basic to advanced, for marketers or developers, in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or  Google Data Studio, we can build your confidence and have you smashing targets faster than you can say “I love analytics”.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

So once you have trustworthy data, great marketing, sexy reports – the next step is to fine tune your website performance by split testing variations and continually honing the site with data driven decisions to ensure the best user experience and customer journey for your customers and your business’ bottom line.

CRO (with AB testing and UX in the mix) is how we can work with you on a regular basis to run tests and experiment in the best version of your website possible. Using scripts that mean developers do not have to be brought in for every test and statistical models that ensure we don’t make decisions too soon, we can support you in this fun and dynamic journey towards perfection.


facebook pixel helperThird Party & Social Media Advertising Tags

With so many ways in which to spend your advertising budgets you need to know where this money is going and what profit you are getting from it, so it is imperative that you pay close attention to the data being fed into your Facebook Pixel, Pinterest conversion tag and affiliate tracking tags. In countless accounts we see sub-par implementations lacking revenue, product details or not even firing at the right times.

We offer a planning and implementation service to ensure you get the data that you need into the platforms that need it and that it works properly! We know the difference between Facebook’s view content and pageview tags and chances are we already have the variables readily available from the analytics tagging we may have built for you, so you can enhance your social media tags with specific performance metrics that will give you the edge in your analysis and as a result improve your ad performance.


Anything else…?

Well, we feel this list is long enough to keep most companies busy for a while, but for those of you who have ticked all of this off and are looking to further your data even more – get in touch as we have additional skills and services available for those special exciting projects!

Now it is time to get in touch and start a conversation so we can get cracking on fixing up your data, implementation, reporting or CRO!

The easiest way to do this is pick a time from our calendar and book yourself in for a consultation:

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