Universal Analytics Data Export

With Google set to delete all Universal Analytics (UA) properties on 1st July it is time to make sure you have exported the historical data you need for ongoing growth analysis and comparisons. 

We have put together this easy package to help you get the top level UA data you need!

Whether you have ecommerce data or a simple set up with a few goals, we can export the right historical UA data to suit your future needs.

And we don’t just export it – We can also put it in an easy to use Looker Studio dashboard for you too!

See below for our different options to work out which suits the amount of data you’re looking for.

How much UA data would you like to export?


5 UA reports extracted into a spreadsheet with 12-18 months of data, broken down by day where possible. Choose from these pre-defined reports: Channel, source, medium | Campaigns | Landing pages | Demographics | Country / city | Page path


As per Bronze PLUS a Looker Studio report to view the data in a branded dashboard that you can filter to different date ranges or breakdowns. Tables, Scorecards and graphs all included.
Can include 5-8 core UA exports including ecommerce data.


Choose 8+ UA report extractions to more depth and with more detailed ecommerce dimensions exported. Custom events and additional details can be included too!
Need any custom event data, detailed dimension breakdowns or complex look ups? We can discuss what is feasible for you!

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