Our Analytics Services

What does it take to get reliable trustworthy data that your team can use to monitor performance and make profit driving business decisions?

Our services from start to finish can get you to that much sought-after Analytics Utopia!

You can pick just one service or be with us all the way through from audit to utopia, depending on what suits your business best.

If you’re not sure what you need or think it is a bit more custom, just get in touch and we will have a chat to work out what is best for you.

Google Analytics - Polka Dot Data

Google Analytics

A 50+ point audit checked against best practices and accuracy requirements, essential for every Analytics account!

Google Tag Manager - Polka Dot Data

Google Tag Manager Audit​

Includes account organisation, tag/ trigger/ variable setup to highest specification for accurate data collection.

Google Tag Manager Migration - Polka Dot Data

Migration to Google Tag Manager​

Migrate your full setup over to Tag Manager, improve data collection, retain control and manage everything without developers.

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce - Polka Dot Data

Enhanced Ecommerce Implementation

Full and detailed data and analysis of Ecommerce functions - checkout steps, dropout points, product, category and basket performance!

Facebook Pixel Bing UET Hot Jar and other Third Party Tags - Polka Dot Data

Facebook Pixel Tag

Get better data for your Facebook marketing with a full GTM implementation of the Facebook Pixel tag, customised to your specific KPIs.

Conversion Rate Optimisation - Polka Dot Data

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Fine tune your website performance by split testing variations and continually optimising the site with data driven decisions.

Data Studio and Power BI - Polka Dot Data

Reports, Data Studio, Power BI

Custom impactful and detailed data visualisation reporting for analysing site and campaign performance.

Google Consent Mode

Privacy and personalization in your hands. Ensuring you are complaint with the latest cookie consent mode.

Ecommerce and Analytics Support Team - Polka Dot Data

Analysis & Support Packages

Monthly support packages - we are here to provide you with expertise, tech support and insights.

Google Analytics and Tag Manager Training - Polka Dot Data

Google Analytics & Tag Manager Training

We love to empower our clients to manage, understand and go above and beyond with their analytics!

Now it is time to get in touch and start a conversation so we can get cracking on fixing up your data, implementation, reporting or CRO! The easiest way to do this is pick a time from our calendar and book yourself in for a consultation:

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