Banish those abandoned cart blues and strengthen your e-commerce strategy. Get the know-how on goals, reports and shopping behaviour that will make you more money.

We think it is important that if you’re going to do a job, you do it properly. So for that reason we now package up our Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics implementations into the following services. So whether you want all bells and whistles or just the basic revenue data, you can rest assured you will get the same top notch level of quality and solid Google Analytics implementation.

Silver Gold Platinum 
·       Find out what converts people on your site and do more of it.

·       5 goals that give you relevant conversion rate tracking AND bigger profits.

·       5 custom dimensions tailored to your site.  Get to know your customers, what they want and why they buy.

·       Guidance for your developers on any code they need to add to your site.

·       We’ll track it, test it and make it terrific!

·       ALL standard core engagements tracked (pages viewed, bounce rate etc.).

·       Set up as many goals as you like to give you high quality conversion rate data and more profit.

·       10 custom dimensions. We’ll show you why your customers buy and where you’re smashing it

·       Spot the gaps in your shopping process that could be losing you money – analyse checkout steps, shopping behaviour and track product conversion.

·       Track your conversions via social media and affiliate websites –so that you know what’s winning you business

·       We’ll group your content into categories so you can see overall trends (think electronics, kitchenware etc.)

·       Country-by-country breakdowns of your analytics. It makes reporting waaaaay easier.

·       We’ll look after your multiple checkout processes if you have more than one provider

·       We’ll import any custom data that you have which is essential to your reporting processes (refunds, cost data etc.)

·       Customised dashboard in Google Analytics so you can see at-a-glance what’s relevant to you.

·       Internal banner tracking – find out whether your on-site banners convert people or send them crashing out of your site.