Analytics Support Options

We understand not all businesses require the same level of support.

Here’s how we can help on a regular basis, so you can remain confident in your data and make money-making decisions. 

For monthly analytics support, whether GTM, reporting, insights or tagging, on an ad hoc or long term road map basis, you can pick which level of support suits you best. Alternatively, if you have one specific piece of work that needs doing, we can work with you on just that project. 

If you’re not sure what you need or think it is a bit more custom, just get in touch and we will have a chat to work out what is best for you.

How can we help you best?


This service ensures you have some support on hand and can keep on top of analytics, knowing you have experts you can call on when you need help with analytics. Although does not generally leave much time for us to do proactive investigations, analysis and complex tracking compared to the Silver/Gold services.


This Silver service ensures you have a high level of analytics support with a mix of proactive investigation and ad hoc support to ensure your Analytics is kept on track and useful to you in ways that you may not have had time or knowledge to plan and implement yourselves. Great option if you’re managing more than one website and need to juggle analytics, GTM and reporting.


Feel fully supported and able to use the Polka Dot Team for all your analytics needs. We’re on hand to help with keeping you up to date and on top of your business analytics, ensuring you can get the most from it to help your business grow and grow. This is perfect if you have a large team or multiple global websites on different platforms to support heavily.

Project Based

Or if you require support on a project or in a specific area, we also can assist in this way.

Some of the analytics projects we support clients with include migrating analytics to their new CMS, adding new tracking functionality, auditing GA4 implementations, and plenty more!

One-Off Support

Designed for those who require one-time support through-out the duration of a project.