Analytics Reporting Support & Training

Fed up spending so long on reports you don’t have enough time to do the work?!

Getting information overload from your data without knowing where to do?!

Want to automate reporting, have insights at your fingertips and be looking straight at some sexy reports?

 If that sounds like you, look no further – we are here to help! From simple dashboards that leave you time to get the work done, to complex automation from multiple data sources – we’re coming to your rescue!

"We were able to provide our client with rigorous and thorough recommendations from a Google Analytics audit. The much improved Analytics account supported the creation of custom Looker Studio dashboards, to help bring meaning to data."


Report on Relevant KPIs

Let’s start off by understanding your business aims and objectives, and what you are keeping track of in order to reach those targets and smash your goals! Work back from there and show those against the levers you have available and you’ll have a set of actionable data that will mean one look at the report and you’ll know where to turn next to make a difference.

Looker Studio

Data Studio example report

For a free, easy to use and heavily customisable platform that connects automatically to all Google Platforms, look no further thank Looker Studio. (previously Data Studio). 

We can get you up and running with a suite of reports that replicate your existing reporting but keep themselves up to date automatically, or we can start from scratch and built the utopia of all reports. The choice is yours!

If you use more than just Google platforms (as we all do these days!) then Looker Studio even has the ability to connect to third party data sources such as Facebook Ads, Bing or data we feed into a Google Sheet. Some of these connections are paid, but no more money than the resource time it takes you to manually pull everything together each month!

Business Intelligence Tools – Power BI / Tableau etc

For a more comprehensive business intelligence tools, ranging from free to enterprise level, we can help you hit the ground running. From mapping data points, to importing, modifying and showcasing data from multiple sources, business intelligence tools will leave you feeling secure and confident in your reports, as well as having that important data so easily accessible.


How to get started

So if you need help kicking your reporting into the next atmosphere – give us a call or book in a time to have a chat and find out how we can help! Don’t be stuck spending hours a week generating reports, for your sanity as well as your business’ growth’s sake!


We’re a friendly bunch, so you choose how you’d like to get in touch:

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