Here at Polka Dot Data we don’t just focus on Google Analytics – we support our clients in implementing all of the tags that they need to be able to run effective advertising campaigns for their websites – and more often than not, this includes Facebook Pixels to get you some awesome data in Facebook Analytics.

facebook analytics data

The Facebook pixel allows you to track your Facebook advertising results as well as engagement in general between users of your site and those on Facebook. Detailed activity data is available within Facebook Analytics to tell you how much people are engaging with your Facebook page, posts, and website. The pixel data gives that extra level of data even if you are not spending any money on paid Facebook campaigns.

Facebook pixels tracking can include micro and macro conversions, for example, views of important content, lead generation, calls and also sales. Some of these Facebook pixel events can also send product and revenue data into your Facebook account to show what is being purchased and how much revenue you are getting in return for your Facebook campaigns.

Why use Google Tag Manager for a Facebook Pixel?

We would highly recommend that you install the Facebook pixel through Google Tag Manager and customise it with events that suit your key website activity in order to gain brilliant insights into your customers. This is whether or not you’re planning to use paid advertising on Facebook.

The reason we recommend using Google Tag Manager is to give you customisable control over the code, the ability to add additional events with ease and to be able to roll it out to more than one domain you manage more easily. It also makes life easier when you want to pull in the revenue, page or product data as you will often have this exposed to a data layer that Google Tag Manager can already reference.

Facebook pixel pageview tag in GTM

Talk to us today about getting your Facebook Pixel installed via Google Tag Manager and we will get a quote over to you to get you up and running with ease. Let us know if you want any custom events in the pixel or ask us for recommendations if you don’t know what you need. We will be sure to help and not confuse you in the process, promise!

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