Getting new leads to your site and getting them to make a purchase often starts with “Where do I start?!” But no panic, because our lead generation packages give you the knowledge and know-how.

You’ll get to know your potential customer journey, where you’re winning and where you’re losing and what you can do to turn those leads into loyal customers.

Find out which package suits you best and give us a call to get started.


Gold Platinum

·       Update or set up of Google Tag Manager –  track what’s coming to your site and from where.

·       Site audit and any updates necessary. You won’t have to do a thing.

·       5 goals that give you relevant conversion rate tracking and increase your profit potential.

·       5 key engagements. Find out what’s working on your site.

·       ALL core engagements tracked -you’ll know what content is captivating people.

·       As many goals as you need –  get conversion rate data that crushes your sales targets.

·       10 Custom dimensions with fine detail – make small tweaks that have a BIG impact on your sales

·       Specification and help building Shopping Behaviour Funnel report. You’ll be able to plug the gaps in their journey and make more sales

·       Specification and creation of a checkout journey. You’ll learn where they go and what’s successful.

·       Track conversions via social media, advertising and affiliate websites.

·       We’ll group all of your content into categories so you can see overall trends.

·       Country-by-country breakdown of your analytics. It makes reporting waaaaay easier.

·       We’ll import any custom data that you have which is essential to your reporting processes (refunds, cost data etc.)

·       Customised dashboard in Google Analytics so you can see at-a-glance what’s relevant to you.