Sometimes, despite your best efforts, things just aren’t going quite right. If you’re bumbling around in Google Analytics but can’t get on top of what’s happening on your site, and what you need to change, you need an audit.

An audit will help you see the wood for the trees and give you trustworthy data with the power to make you more money. It also means less time spent getting stuff wrong and more time spent getting it ripsnortingly right.

If you’re struggling to see where you’re going wrong, give us a call. We’ll get you all fired up to flex those analytics muscles again.

So what’s included in our GA and GTM Audit?

• We’ll find out what your problems are in our kick off discussion.
• Are you collecting data that’s actually useful to you and trustworthy? We’ll do an on-site code & tracking review to make sure there’s no pesky mistakes affecting your data.
• Problem solving – we’ll investigate anything unusual. Just call us Inspector Gadget.
• You’ll get clear answers on what’s going wrong with our 50+ point checklist review & guidance.
• We’ll look at your data accuracy by reviewing your tags and codes.
• Perfect your data collection with our Google Analytics account settings & structure review & recommendations.
• Advice on your next steps!

Prices from £2,000 +VAT per website

But if you want more – let us fix it for you with one of our Ecommerce or Lead Gen Tracking Upgrade packages!