In order to improve your website, you need to have the right data available and you need it to be reliable. We can help install a suitable Google Analytics set up for your business, aligned with your business objectives using goals and custom tracking. Whatever the size and requirements of your business, we can set up a platform that gives you the data that matters to you.

If you already have a setup, we can review it to ensure there are no critical issues, troubleshoot specific issues and ensure you’re getting the best from the platform. The breadth of tracking available in tools like Google Analytics is so huge that you could easily miss out on something that could be really useful to your business – that’s where we come in!

Custom set up and tracking includes:

Event tracking to see when people carry out important activities like clicking add to basket or email links.

Goals to measure how many times users carry out specific objectives on your site, such as a purchase, a download, a sign up or contacting.

Funnels for checkout processes and similar journey with different steps and potential drop out points

Ecommerce tracking enables you to see a lots of information about what people are purchasing

And some smaller but also crucial things that can be done include: channel groupings, content groups, view organisation, filter set up, custom settings in the admin area and more!