Today I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of a fantastic line up at the Upload Search conference online. It was aimed at the search marketing industry but had a great selection of analytics talks included, which is great to see. I may have forgotten about that side of things and gone a bit overboard on the complex stuff during my talk… so I thought I would summarise it here.

GTM has so many possibilities is was so so hard to choose 10, so I went top level and included lots of examples within that! There is something for everyone here I hope, so if the first bits are things you already know inside out, skip a long a bit further to find some more juicy functionality. 

If the first half is new to you, then don’t worry about understanding the second half at this stage! Although make sure you don’t miss #11 as that’s useful to everyone.

My Top Ten GTM Tips

  • Plan plan plan
  • The Data Layer
  • Enhanced Ecommerce for GA
  • Custom Dimensions & Metrics
  • UX Events
  • GTM for SEO
  • Custom Task
  • Legal Custom Task uses
  • Extra data with Custom Task
  • Use Custom Task to improve Accuracy
  • Additional Hits & Data with Custom Task
  • Things I didn't have time to explain
  • Tools