Which is Better for Google Ads Conversion Tracking: GA4 or GTM?

When running Google Ads campaigns, conversion tracking is essential to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. A common question many marketers and business owners have is whether to use Google Analytics 4 (GA4) or Google Tag Manager (GTM) for conversion tracking. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the key differences between GA4 and GTM, and help you decide which tool is best suited for your conversion tracking needs.

GA4: The Easier Route

Google Analytics 4, the latest version of Google Analytics, is known for its user-friendly interface and straightforward setup process. Here are some reasons why you might choose GA4 for your conversion tracking:

  1. Ease of Setup: Setting up conversion tracking with GA4 is relatively simple. Even if you’re not highly technical, you can follow a few tutorials or guides and get started quickly.
  2. DIY-Friendly: For small businesses or individuals who prefer a do-it-yourself approach, GA4 is a practical choice. It doesn’t require great technical knowledge, making it accessible to a wider range of users.
  3. Good Enough for Most: For many businesses, the conversion tracking capabilities offered by GA4 are sufficient. It covers the essential aspects of tracking and reporting, allowing you to measure the performance of your campaigns effectively.

GTM: The More Accurate Option

Google Tag Manager offers more advanced tracking capabilities and greater accuracy but comes with a steeper learning curve. Here’s why GTM might be the better choice for some users:

  1. Enhanced Accuracy: GTM provides more precise tracking. It allows you to track a variety of actions and events on your website, offering a detailed view of user interactions.
  2. Advanced Features: With GTM, you can pass more detailed data to Google Ads, enabling more sophisticated conversion tracking and reporting. This can help you fine-tune your campaigns for better performance.
  3. Customisation and Flexibility: GTM gives you the flexibility to track almost anything on your website as a conversion. This includes button clicks, form submissions, video plays, and more. You can customise the tracking to match your specific business needs.
  4. No Conversion Delay: Unlike GA4, GTM does not introduce a delay in tracking conversions. This real-time tracking can be crucial for businesses that rely on immediate data to make quick decisions.

Challenges with GTM

While GTM offers more advanced features, it is not without its challenges:

  1. Complexity: GTM is complex and requires a higher level of expertise. If you’re not familiar with it, you might need to hire an expert to set it up and manage it effectively.
  2. Learning Curve: Even seasoned marketers can find GTM challenging to master. If you’re managing multiple accounts or campaigns, the time investment to learn GTM might be substantial.

Making the Right Choice

  • So, which is better for conversion tracking: GA4 or GTM? The answer depends on your specific needs and capabilities:

    1. For Simplicity and Speed: If you’re looking for a quick and easy setup, and the standard tracking options meet your needs, GA4 is the way to go. It’s a practical choice for small businesses or those new to conversion tracking.
    2. For Precision and Customisation: If you need more accurate tracking, advanced features, and greater customisation, GTM is the better option. It’s ideal for larger businesses or those with complex tracking requirements. drop off in the conversion process.


In the end, the most important thing is to ensure you are tracking conversions accurately. Whether you choose GA4 or GTM, make sure your conversion data is reliable. Accurate conversion tracking is crucial for optimising your Google Ads campaigns and maximising your return on investment.

If you find yourself struggling with conversion tracking, don’t hesitate to seek help from us. A well-implemented tracking system can make a significant difference in the success of your advertising efforts. Happy tracking!

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